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Products for semiconductor inspection technologies

SEIKEN has been developing the following technologies.

Products for Semiconductors

There are two tests for electrical testing of semiconductors. One is the wafer test in front-end process and the other is the final test in back-end process, which is conducted after packaging such as BGA, CSP and QFN.

The Probe Card is used for wafer test in front-end process. Seiken supplies various vertical probe cards which cultivated probe technology for many years.

We suggest probe cards in accordance with the inspection contents of the user such as IC shape like FC, WL-CSP, and test environment like non-magnetic, kelvin etc.

An IC test socket is used in the final test. IC test socket is categorized into two types、 test socket with spring probe type and the test socket with leaf spring type. SEIKEN provides a wide range of IC test sockets using spring contact probes.

Our IC test sockets have high precision housing by machining, variety of line-up of probe assembled and are conformity to various IC package such as BGA, CSP, SON, and QFP.

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